/Transitionalˈ Yearˈ Programmē/


1. Access and Equity Program for Non Traditional Students

What is TYP?


The Transitional Year Programme (TYP) is a full-time, eight-month access-to-University program. It is intended for adults who do not have the formal qualifications for university admission. Most TYP students have grown up in communities where very few people have access to higher education. It is meant for those who did not have an opportunity to finish high school because of financial problems, family difficulties or other circumstances beyond their control.


TYP actively encourages applications from members of the Native Canadian, African-Canadian, and LGBTQ communities, sole-support parents, persons previously incarcarated persons with disabilities, and individuals from working-class backgrounds of all ethnicities.




University Studies

This course helps students develop and strengthen the academic and life skills required to succeed as university students. It will include presentations on and practice in time management, note taking, study skills, essay writing, and preparation for examinations. In addition, it will deal with important matters of survival for students: financial aid and how to get it, balancing study with family obligations, paid labour and other life contingencies, effective use of major student services, and techniques for dealing with the stresses and complications of academic life. Credit will be awarded for successful completion of the course, but no numerical grade will be assigned.


Contemporary Issues for

The New Millenniuum


 It is an interdisciplinary course that seeks to engage students in critical thinking about issues that are important to all Canadians. The course seeks to draw broadly from Literature, Sociology, History, Philosophy, Science and Mathematics. It requires students to make linkages to issues that have implications not only for Canadians, but to think beyond the Canadian border. These issues by their nature are highly political and require engagement that respects each other's point of view. Since active discussions are required, the course will consist of lecture and tutorial format to be taught in sections by five different professors. The topics are elected to reflect the diversity of the student population within TYP by bringing together divergent and often controversial viewpoints. Whatever your point of view, we seek to engage discussion in an environment of safety, trust and mutual respect. The course will be divided into five main sections taught by professors from different backgrounds over a 1-3 week period. Each segment will have a distinct method of teaching and assessment.

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