sym·bol·ic         prox·im·i·ty

/simˈbälik/         /präkˈsimədē/

adjective           noun


1. A symbol is a mark, sign or word that indicates, signifies, or is understood as representing an        idea, object, or relationship.

2. Nearness in space, time, or relationship.

What is
Symbolic Proximity?

Symbolic Proximity emerges from socially constructed ideals  that have become internalized.  These internalized ideals are necessary in accessing and participating in social spaces of power and inclusion, ultimately determining how close or how distant one is from a particular desired mark of acceptance.  Entry into these spaces and sustained occupation of said spaces is achieved through education, aesthetics, materiality, consumption and social visibility and acceptability; traditional components linked to the image of White  middle class respectability (Stoler, 1995, p. 190)

Published Work
Research Interests

Ruptures pp 129-138| Cite as

Symbolic Proximity

Rihana Face-to-Face

* Access and Equity

* The Contradictory Nature of Black Female Modes of Survival 

* Sociology of Education, Social Psychology, Social Phenomenology; Sociology of Knowledge, Socialization 

* Media and Popular Culture

* Race, Gender, and Class

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Multiculturailsm: The Illusion of Inclusion 


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Being Black in White Insitutions

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